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How to test the performance of the flame retardant method of

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How to test the performance of the flame retardant method of

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The general indicators for the evaluation of flame retardant performance of work clothes materials are: degree of difficulty, flame surface propagation speed, smoke visibility, toxicity and corrosiveness of combustion products. The first two indicators are the most important indicators of combustion performance evaluation. At present, there is no comprehensive and ideal method for testing the performance of flame-retardant fabrics at home and abroad. The commonly used methods are mainly as follows. - Provided by the label group
    Burning test method
    This method is mainly used to test the combustion breadth (carbonized area and damage length), continuous burning time, and smoldering time of materials. The method is to ignite a sample of a certain size in a specified combustion box with a specified fire source for 12 seconds. After the fire source is removed, the continuous burning time and smoldering time of the sample are measured. After the smoldering stops, the damage is measured according to the specified method. Regulation carbonization length). This is a basic test method, and all countries have corresponding test standards, such as: American standard AATCC34-66, NFPA701-1966, German standard DIN53906, British standard BS2963A and Chinese standard GB5455-1997.
    Limited oxygen index
    This method is abbreviated as the oxygen index method, which refers to the minimum volume concentration of oxygen in the oxygen-nitrogen mixture required to keep the material in the combustion state under the specified test conditions. The test was carried out in the oxygen index measurement company. The method is to place a sample of a certain size on the sample holder in the combustion cylinder, adjust the ratio of oxygen and nitrogen, and ignite the sample with a specific igniter to make it burn for a certain period of time or self-extinguish when the damage length is a certain value. , Find the oxygen index value from the table according to the oxygen and nitrogen flow at this time, which is the oxygen index of the sample.
    China standard GB5454-1997 stipulates that the oxygen index value of the sample is the oxygen index value of the sample when the sample burns for 2 minutes to self-extinguish or the damage length is exactly 40 mm. The flame retardant performance test method of clothing is mainly to measure the ignitability of the clothing when the clothing is in contact with the fire source, the thermal conductivity of the combustion heat of each part of the clothing due to the spread of the flame, and the time required to reach the maximum heat. Although this method has been used in research work as a federal standard test method for clothing in the United States, it has not yet been standardized. This method is also called the mushroom test method. The test device consists of a burner and a recorder. The burning part is equipped with a thermocouple sensor. During the test, a 32cmx16cm sample is wound on the combustion tube into a cylindrical shape (as shown in the figure), using a burner with a flame length of 19mm, from 0.5s, 1s to 12s, in the cylindrical sample every 1s The different parts of the lower end are exposed to the flame 3 times. Observe whether the sample is on fire and measure the fire time to indicate the ignitability. At present, there are three main small-scale standard test methods for thermal protection performance of thermal protection fabrics commonly used in the world: ASTMD4108, NFPA, 1971 and NFPAI977, which will be described separately tomorrow.
    Vertical Burning Test Method
    Test process: Use a standard methane gas flame to burn the fabric for 12 seconds and then remove or extinguish the fire source, observe the continued burning of the tested flame-retardant fabric, and measure the length of damage to the fabric after burning. The vertical burning test method is to simulate the burning state of the fabric when the flame starts to burn from the bottom of one end of the flame-retardant protective clothing fabric, which is relatively rare in actual fires.
    Burning Dummy Act
    The burning dummy test method uses the thermal manometer of the simulated human model to conduct a more intuitive and comprehensive detection of the flame-retardant protective clothing. It is a more realistic simulation of the actual fire occurrence and can better reflect the thermal protection performance of the flame-retardant clothing. One of the most advanced thermal burn assessment equipment in the world.

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