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Needle flame testing machine test operation steps

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Needle flame testing machine test operation steps

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The needle flame tester uses a needle burner with a specified size (Φ0.9mm) to ignite the sample at a 45o angle with a specific gas (butane) to observe whether the sample is ignited and the duration and length of combustion. To evaluate the fire hazard of the small flame caused by the equipment failure condition.
   Test sample:
Complete equipment, components or parts, if necessary, remove part of the enclosure or intercept part of the parts for testing, but must ensure the shape of the sample under the test conditions, test ventilation conditions, thermal stress effects and possible flames, as well as burning or scorching There is no significant difference between the particles falling near the test sample and the situation in normal use.
   If the test sample is a certain part cut from the equipment, remember not to apply flame to the edge produced by the cutting.
   Test preparation:
   1. Place the test sample, white pine wood board and silk paper in an atmospheric environment with a temperature of 15°C-35°C and a relative humidity of 45% to 75% for 24 hours.
  2. Check whether the equipment and instruments meet the test requirements of this project.
  3. Before the test, prepare sample information (material composition, sample structure diagram, etc.), sample fire hazard analysis and test records.
  4. Fill in the prototype status, prototype identification content and related technical parameters on the inspection record.
  experiment procedure:
   1. Turn on the power switch of the combustion box, and set the test time and observation time to 30s.
  2. Open the combustion test door. Turn the gas switch back to the "OFF" position and confirm that the gas cylinder button is in the "off" position. Due to the special safety design, if the gas switch is not adjusted to the "OFF" position, the gas cylinder will not be able to be loaded into the furnace body.
   3. When placing the gas cylinder, the gap of the gas cylinder valve must be upward. It must be noted that the notch of the gas cylinder valve is connected to the joint convex part of the air pressure sensing safety device of the portable furnace.
   4. Press the air button to the "SET" position. If the gas cylinder is not installed correctly, it will cause the butane gas to leak and make a "sizzle" sound. When installing the gas cylinder, it must be checked clearly and there is no sound.
  5. Press the flame adjustment button on the control panel, the device will open the solenoid valve and automatically ignite. If the burner does not catch fire, immediately click the stop button to adjust the gas flowmeter and press the flame adjustment button again. The accessory is equipped with a duckbill gauge, and other measuring tools (such as vernier calipers, etc.) can also be used to adjust the gas flow meter again to stabilize the flame height at 12±1 mm; the flame temperature increases from 100℃±5℃ to 700℃±3℃, The test time is 23.5±1.0s.
       6. Press the debugging button, the burner trolley will run to the right limit and stop, adjust the burner so that it is at a 45o angle to the horizontal, adjust the burner and the fixture so that the burner is at a distance of 8mm from the bottom of the sample or 5mm from the side of the sample, rotate left or Rotate the up/down self-reset switch to the right to adjust the sample carrier with the sample clamped on the right to the standard position.

Needle flame testing machine test operation steps(图1)

        7. Tightly wrap a layer of silk paper on a smooth white pine board with a thickness of about 10mm, and place it at 200±5mm below the position of the test sample where the needle flame is applied.
        8. After the flame temperature is reached, start the test switch, observe the test sample, the parts around the test sample and the paving layer, and record the moment the test flame is removed until the flame is extinguished, or until the test sample or its nearby parts or test With the bottom layer used, the burning duration (t) of the burning phenomenon can no longer be seen.
   9. Press the reset button and the burner trolley will return to the initial position on the left.
  test results:
   According to the product standard requirements, if the product standard does not require it, it is qualified if one of the following requirements is met:
  1) The test sample does not produce flame or burning phenomenon, the packaging paper does not burn or the white pine board does not carbonize.
        2) After the needle flame is removed, the duration of the flame or heat of the test sample, surrounding parts and bottom layer is less than 30s, and the parts and bottom layer surrounding the test sample will no longer continue to burn, and the packaging paper will not burn, and the white pine board will not burn. Not charring.

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