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Installation method of textile burning tester

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Installation method of textile burning tester

Author: Date :2021-04-09 Views: order
The textile burning tester is an upgraded product based on the original equipment technology. It adopts touch screen control, and the test is highly automated. In addition to the original automation functions realized by various buttons and appliances, the touch screen control model can store past test data and can be used in the test. Retrieve past data at the time. This equipment is suitable for safety nets, protective clothing, seat belts and other fabrics and their products, and is suitable for the test method of the combustion performance of the vertical textile bottom edge when ignition is specified in the standard.
  The outer shell of the textile burning tester box is made of steel, and is equipped with a transparent observation window. The digital timer records the time of applying flame, after flame and after burning. This device has a beautiful appearance, convenient use and reliable performance. The equipment comes with a fan to safely discharge the test combustion flue gas; the horizontal and vertical combustion sample holder is controlled by the motor, without manual adjustment; the Bunsen burner will automatically return after the flame is completed, reducing the cumbersome manual operation. It has the characteristics of testing, reasonable structure and simple operation. It is suitable for the determination of flame-retardant properties of flame-retardant woven fabrics, knitted fabrics, coated products, laminated products, curtains and curtains. Textile burning tester is widely used in textile manufacturers, universities, research institutes and commodity inspection departments.
   Textile Burning Tester Installation:
   1. The textile burning tester is installed in a place that is as convenient as possible for the operator to install the sample and perform the operation. It is recommended to place the tester on the left side of the test box to avoid interference with the door of the box and to operate faster.
  2. The ground pin or socket of the device must be grounded. If not satisfied, the instantaneous current protection of the tester will be inhibited.
  3. Connect the AC power cord, insert one end of the plug into the power socket, and connect the other end to the power socket on the back. The plug is keyed, and the metal square on the plug faces upwards and toward the top of the device.
  4. The three rubber gas pipelines that extend out have been marked separately for easy use. Connect them to the Bunsen burner main input port, the smaller pilot burner input port and the self-provided gas supply regulating valve according to the markings. And install hose clamps to ensure safe and reliable connection.
   5. Make sure that the main gas shut-off valve on the equipment is closed (the switch is located at the bottom). Adjust the supply gas regulator to provide a maximum gas output pressure of 17.5±3.5 kPa (2.5±0.5 PSI) for the textile burning tester.

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