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The Significance of Flame Retardant Testing of Blended Fabri

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The Significance of Flame Retardant Testing of Blended Fabri

Author: Date :2019-04-25 Views: order
Fire–retardant viscose: its main element is cellulose, and internal macromolecules are format silicate molecular network and a lot of chemical combination water.
The physical and mechanical properties are similar with ordinary viscose fibers, its not only has a better hygroscopic and easy to dye, but also acid and alkali-resistance and moth-proofing [1].Fire-retardant viscose has good fire resistance performance (limiting oxygen index LOI values> 28%), ignited a long time,heat release rate, effective heat of combustion and smoke release ratio are lower than ordinary viscose fiber, structure of burning residue is combustion.
PANOF: polyacrylonitrile fiber is made of heating oxidation in air, its structure is stable, and has excellent flame resistance performance (Limiting oxygen index LOI value > 50%) and chemical resistance [2]. But PANOF has low strength, poor cohesive force and any other shortcomings. So the spinnability is inferior,anti-friction and tenacity is low. It will be appeared hair entanglement in weaving process, we can use its good hygroscopic, and by increasing the workshop relative humidity made the pin feather absorption in yarn, made the shed clear and removes static effectively.
The fire-retardant viscose and PANOF were adapted to spinning to combination yarn with the different blending ratios, and then wove fabric, and the fire-resistance properties of the fabric were studied. Under the past experiences and theoretical basis for fiber,blended yarn, and physical properties of fabrics and fire-retardant properties were systematically studied and explored, the process of spinning, weaving and fire resistance performance are analyzed and discussed. 


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