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Mechanism Of Textiles Flame Retardant

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Mechanism Of Textiles Flame Retardant

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The flame retardant effect of organophosphorus compound is that it can form ester with the hydroxyl group in the cellulose molecule to prevent the formation of l-glucose, further dehydrate the cellulose to form unsaturated double bond, promote the formation of cross-link between the cellulose molecules, increase the formation of the carbon material, and have a good flame retardant effect.Only when the amount of finishing agent increased to 10%, can effectively prevent flaming combustion.
Mechanism Of Textiles Flame Retardant(图1)
1、Covering theory of flame retardants in > 500 ℃ in the fiber surface form a blanket has isolation effect, in addition to hinder the supply of , also prevent flammable gas spread outward, so as to achieve purpose of flame retardant, such as borax and boric acid.
2、Gas theory: firstly, flame retardant decomposes non-flammable gas at the combustion temperature and dilutes the concentration of flammable gas below the concentration that can generate flame;The other is that the flame retardant can be used as the active base transfer body under the heating condition, thus preventing the free group reaction.
3、 Heat theory: first, the flame retardant at high temperature occurs endothermic changes, such as melting and sublimation, thus preventing the spread of combustion;The other is the rapid heat dissipation of the fibers, so that the fabric does not reach the combustion temperature.
4、Catalytic dehydration theory: mainly refers to the process of changing the thermal cracking of fibers.Because the flame retardant can make cellulose molecular chain rapid and large amount of dehydration before fracture, and even some cross-linking, prevent the formation of l-glucose, so that the flame combustion is inhibited.

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