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Combustion performance classification

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Combustion performance classification

Author: Date :2019-03-01 Views: order
At present, the main national standard is GB8624-2012 for grading the combustion performance of building materials and products.
According to different materials, the combustion grade is mainly divided into the following flame retardant grade: textile combustion grade, plastic combustion grade, thermal insulation material combustion grade, electric wire and cable combustion grade.More general use of oxygen index to represent the flame retardant grade.Flame retardant grade of textiles is mainly divided into B1, B2 and B3, depending on the textile oxygen index method and textile vertical method to determine, involving oxygen index meter and horizontal vertical combustion meter.The fire retardant grade of plastics is mainly divided into HB, V2, V1, V0, 5VA, 5VB and so on. It is the special fire retardant grade of plastics or rubber and its products.Horizontal vertical combustion tester is mainly used to judge.
What need to try to distinguish is electric equipment, the combustion performance grade that the foamed plastics that furniture product goes up to use is divided for class of B1, B2, B3, need to use building materials heat to release rate test instrument and foamed plastics horizontal and perpendicular combustion instrument will decide grade.The flame retardant grade of thermal insulation materials is mainly divided into A1, A2, B1, B2, B3, etc., which is the special flame retardant grade presentation method for building thermal insulation materials.Used to determine the AI level is building materials noncombustibility test furnace and building materials combustion calorific value tester;A2 grade is used to determine the building materials incombustibility test furnace, building materials combustion calorific value tester and building materials monomer combustion tester;Used to determine B1, B2, B3 grade used to determine the building materials monomer combustion test equipment and building materials flammability test furnace or flooring materials auxiliary heat source method combustion performance tester.

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