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An Intro to silicone rubber Horizontal Flammability Tester in Under 10 Minutes

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An Intro to silicone rubber Horizontal Flammability Tester in Under 10 Minutes

Author: Date :2022-05-26 Views: order

The horizontal flammability tester is mainly used to measure the non-combustibility of plastic, film and silicone rubber materials under the direct combustion of the specified fire source, so as to judge the fire resistance level of the material.

The working principle of silicone rubber horizontal flammability tester:

In the event of fire around the product, make sure that it does not cause the spread of combustion. Using a bunsen burner of specified size and a specific gas source (propane), the horizontal or vertical test sample is periodically burned several times according to a certain flame height and a certain flame application angle. The flammability and fire hazard are evaluated by the duration and burning length of the scorching burning.

Technical parameters of silicone rubber horizontal flammability tester:

An Intro to silicone rubber Horizontal Flammability Tester in Under 10 Minutes(图1)

Combustion box: ≥0.5 cubic meters, processed and formed by CNC machine tools, the arc shape is beautiful and generous, and the electrostatic baking paint is used.

The top of the box is equipped with a ventilation and smoke exhaust system, which can discharge the waste to the outdoors when the test is completed; during the test, this system is in a stopped state.

The front of the box is provided with a tempered glass observation window that can be sealed during the test, which is convenient for observing the test situation.

Combustion blowtorch: The company makes its own blowtorch, which fully meets the requirements of astm d 5025-99.

Standard power: 500w/ 225w adjustable, respectively meet vertical and horizontal combustion.

An Intro to silicone rubber Horizontal Flammability Tester in Under 10 Minutes(图2)

The diameter of the nozzle: 0.90±0.03mm, the length of the nozzle lamp: 1.60±0.05mm, the height of the nozzle from the air inlet is 102mm

Torch angle: 90 degrees horizontally, 20 degrees vertical (the longitudinal axis remains on the vertical plane and makes an included angle of 20° with the vertical direction), 45°C

Adjustable, natural air intake, inner flame 12~40mm, outer flame 20~125mm, adjustable.

Temperature measurement system: thermal sensor (copper conduit and thermocouple)—the conduit structure should be electrolytic copper with high conductivity. Length is 19.14±0.02mm

K-type thermocouple, with 0.5mm diameter stainless steel tube as jacket.

The intelligent pid temperature control meter is matched with the k-type thermocouple. Its readings can be as large as 1000°C.

The whole test system is: movable type, which is placed in the test box for temperature measurement.

Equipped with an electronic stopwatch: accurate to 0.1s (backup during temperature measurement and calibration).

Silicone rubber horizontal flammability tester main fixture:

Test bracket: Made of stainless steel, it is divided into horizontal bracket and vertical bracket. The plane where the vertical bracket and the torch are located is parallel to the plane of the observation window, which is convenient for observation and operation.

Wedge frame: increase the wedge, the blowtorch is installed on the wedge as required, and can be moved easily, and can be accurately moved back to the specified position.

Equipped with a set of rulers that can measure the inner and outer flames of horizontal and vertical combustion.

Equipped with a stainless steel ruler with an accuracy of 500mm to 1mm for testing.

Standard sample specifications: length 125mm, width 13mm, 3<thickness<13mm (or according to the test standard)

Gas flow range: 10-1000ml/min;

Ignition method: high voltage electronic ignition.

The device is placed in a non-ventilated environment for testing.

The above is a 10-minute brief introduction to the horizontal flammability tester. If you want to know more about it, please leave us a message!

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