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What do you need to know about buying flammability testing equipment?

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What do you need to know about buying flammability testing equipment?

Author: Date :2022-05-25 Views: order

flammability testing equipment how to maintain customers are often confused about the price of testing equipment, experienced companies naturally know how to choose, but for some newly established companies are sometimes confused. To scorching wire testing machine, for example, the same standard requirements to do the needle flame tester, either by volume offer or by digital display LCD offer, the price of various manufacturers vary greatly, customers often ask: the same scorching wire testing machine, how the price gap is so big?

In fact, the problem is very simple, except that the user's understanding of flammability testing equipment, how or less than the manufacturer, plus many customers are completely price-oriented, so the above-mentioned problems. Analysis of these problems, but there are several reasons for the following.

1, the content of the offer is different

Generally speaking, flammability testing equipment should include the action mechanism, the main chassis, armored thermocouple, control box, lighting, fans, etc.. The basic supporting equipment includes another thermocouple, silk paper, pine board, catching ash tray, heavy hammer, etc.

What do you need to know about buying flammability testing equipment?(图1)

Some manufacturers offer only the mainframe, some manufacturers include supporting equipment, of course, including the supporting equipment will be different. Our main products are: scorching wire tester, needle flame tester, horizontal and vertical combustion tester, leakage trace tester and many other products, so customers inquiring about the offer, be sure to clarify what the manufacturer said the scorching wire tester contains.

2、Different materials and manufacturers

flammability testing equipment tube action mechanism, the main chassis, armored thermocouple are more important parts, so the choice of materials and manufacturers determine the price, performance and service life of the equipment.

I will start with the thermocouple, the standard requirements with armored thermocouple, currently only imported to truly meet the requirements. Domestic companies produce thermocouples, although there are similar and cheap, but the service life is very short, probably less than a few times on the damage, if the user buys a scorching wire testing machine, the use of this thermocouple, we must be prepared for such a heart, as the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

3, processing technology is different

This issue is difficult to talk clearly here, usually complex processing technology, the use of equipment performance will be good. For example, the action mechanism at both ends of the half shaft, must be the whole turning process, otherwise the coaxiality can not be guaranteed.

In fact, the processing of equipment is good or bad, mainly some details of processing. For example, the flange of the head, processed badly, is easy to leak. Some manufacturers take the way of welding and make this place into one piece, which can't be overhauled. The price is indeed cheaper, but once the problem occurs, the whole equipment will be null and void. And well-processed flange, can be disassembled, sealing is also very good, but this requires complex and careful processing, of course, the price will be higher. But this simple point, the average user can not notice.

4, the manufacturer's service

Many manufacturers due to the scale and development direction and financial problems, there is no pre-sales and after-sales service, because the customer itself is not familiar with all aspects of the equipment indicators, such as the absence of technical communication from the manufacturer, will produce a lot of problems caused by poor communication of the wrong choice of equipment, the problems arising from this latter do not need me to elaborate here; all equipment used for a long time will have some problems, even if they do not appear There will also be problems with maintenance services, after the problem of each manufacturer's after-sales service varies, some manufacturers focus on the brand and service, quickly solve the matter, while some manufacturers toss a long time no one to deal with, or deal with a long time have not been resolved.

flammability testing equipment test process considerations

After our analysis, the current flammability testing equipment used in the diameter of 1.0mm flammability testing equipment whose front end is laser-welded structure, flammability testing equipment temperature-sensitive thermocouple in the use of the process of long-term In the process of using the flammability testing equipment temperature-sensitive thermocouple in the very high temperature, belong to very fragile parts, after the heat of the thermocouple head will be damaged if you are not careful, in addition flammability testing equipment with the thermocouple itself is part of the experiment in the consumables, need to be replaced frequently.

So flammability testing equipment in the use of the following matters, the correct operation of flammability testing equipment thermocouple, can extend the service life of flammability testing equipment to save costs.

flammability testing equipment test process precautions are.

1. the best configuration of AC voltage stabilization power supply when using the scorch tester to avoid temperature changes caused by voltage fluctuations.

2. When doing the combustion test, use the method of slow rise in temperature will be slow. In just the beginning to add current slowly, do not add the temperature very high at once! This will take some time to use, the current little by little, do not add to 120A or higher, it is recommended that 30-40A once, the basic stability and then add; lowering the temperature is also recommended to slowly reduce the current, do not immediately gauge to zero, rapid thermal expansion and contraction is very easy to cause damage to the U-shaped heating ring and flammability testing equipment thermocouple. These damages are irrecoverable, once damaged, you need to buy again.

3. U-shaped heating rings and flammability testing equipment thermocouples are not suitable for long-term work at high temperatures. When you need to test a large number of specimens, be careful not to test continuously for a long time, generally stop testing after every two to three samples, and wait for the U-shaped heating ring to return to normal temperature before restarting the test.

QINSUN measuring instrument has a professional engaged in flammability testing equipment research and development, production, sales and service as one of the manufacturers and exporters, over the years with a good reputation to obtain the trust of customers, welcome to order.

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