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High temperature thermal conductivity tester

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High temperature thermal conductivity tester

Author: Date :2022-04-27 Views: order

The high temperature thermal conductivity tester (water flow flat plate method) adopts the protective heat flow meter method to detect the thermal conductivity of thermal insulation materials at high temperature, and is suitable for thermal conductivity of refractory thermal insulation, ceramic fibers, felt, textiles, plates, bricks and other materials at different temperatures. Testing is widely used in universities, research institutes, quality inspection departments and production plants for material analysis and testing.


Technical features:

1. Improve the resolution and automation;

2. The test time is shortened, the maintenance is easier, and the instrument performance is more reliable.

High temperature thermal conductivity tester(图1)

technical parameter:

1. Test range: 0.001--3w/m.k;

2. Number of sample groups: 1--3 pieces;

3. Thickness of sample group: 40--100mm;

4. Sample size: less than 300*300*100 (mm) square;

5. Equipment power supply: 220v, 50hz;

6. Test accuracy: better than 3%;

7. Test temperature: the hot surface temperature can reach 1250, 1400, 1600 ℃, and the temperature can be set according to user requirements;

8. Cold noodle constant temperature automatic control;

9. It can be connected to the computer for automatic testing to realize data processing and print output.

QINSUN is a world-leading manufacturer of high temperature thermal conductivity testers. Interested customers are welcome to inquire or leave a message in the online version to get the latest relevant information!

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