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Horizontal Burning Tester test procedure

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Horizontal Burning Tester test procedure

Author: Date :2022-04-20 Views: order

Horizontal Burning Tester are primarily used to determine the horizontal burn rate of road vehicles such as passenger cars, vans/trucks, station wagons, coaches, as well as tractor and machinery cabin materials.

Horizontal Burning Tester test procedure:

1. Take out the pretreated sample, lay the surface fluffed or tufted sample flat on a flat table, and use the specified metal comb to comb twice in the opposite direction of the fluff on the fluffed surface. Light the gas lamp with the air inlet of the gas lamp closed, and adjust the flame according to the flame height sign board so that the flame height is 38mm. Before starting the first test, the flame shall burn steadily in this state for at least 1 min, and then extinguish. Load the specimen into the specimen holder with the exposed side down. Mount the specimen so that both sides and one end are clamped by the U-shaped bracket, and the free end is aligned with the opening of the U-shaped bracket. When the width of the sample is insufficient, the U-shaped bracket cannot clamp the sample, or when the free end of the sample is soft and easy to bend, which will cause unstable combustion, the sample should be placed on the sample bracket with heat-resistant metal wire for the combustion test. .

Horizontal Burning Tester test procedure

2. Push the sample holder into the combustion box, and place the sample in the center of the combustion box in a horizontal position. Light the gas lamp with the air inlet of the gas lamp closed, make the flame height 38mm, keep the free end of the sample in the flame for 15s, and then turn off the flame (close the gas lamp valve). The flame burns forward from the free end of the sample, and the timing starts when the root of the propagating flame passes the * mark. Pay attention to observe the flame spread on the side that burns faster, and the timing is based on the side with the faster flame spread.

3. When the flame reaches the second marking line or the flame goes out before reaching the second marking line, stop the timing at the same time, and the timing is also based on the side where the flame spreads faster. If the flame goes out before reaching the second mark, measure the burning distance from the * mark to when the flame goes out. The burning distance refers to the length of the burned-out part on the surface or inside of the sample.

4. If the non-exposed side of the specimen is cut, the time shall be based on the flame propagation speed of the exposed side. The burn rate requirement does not apply to the surface formed by cutting the specimen. If the sample burns slowly for a long time from the timing, the test can be terminated when the test timing is 20 minutes, and the burning time and burning distance shall be recorded. When a series of tests or repeated tests are performed, the maximum temperature in the combustion chamber and the specimen holder should not exceed 30°C before the next test.

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