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Xenon lamp aging test box detects weather resistance of ink and graphic arts

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Xenon lamp aging test box detects weather resistance of ink and graphic arts

Author: Date :2022-01-05 Views: order

A common weatherability test method is to use an ultraviolet accelerated weathering tester, which is a widely used weathering tester on the market to simulate and test the aging phenomenon of products exposed to the harmful light waves of the sun. The UV accelerated aging test box uses lamps that can simulate most indoor use, providing a typical indoor lighting environment simulation. Due to the shortening of the irradiation distance, the irradiation intensity provided by the UV aging test box is about 20-50 times that of normal indoor lighting conditions.

In indoor applications, the sunlight passing through the windows may cause the product to fade. The xenon lamp aging test box combined with the filter can accurately simulate the sunlight, and for the products used in the outdoor environment, the xenon lamp aging box provides direct sunlight environment simulation .

Weather resistance, light resistance, weathering and other product aging performance tests have special requirements. These include: printing inks, inkjet technology, paper and printing media, dyes, artistic media-pencils, inks, paints and charcoal, digital photography, etc.

The weathering accelerated weathering tester can accurately simulate weather conditions such as light, rain and dew, and reproduce the weathering failure modes that may occur in printing and graphic art products, including: fading and discoloration, loss of adhesion, yellowing of substrates and printing media.

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