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Necessity of using machine vision inspection equipment in ma

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Necessity of using machine vision inspection equipment in ma

Author: Date :2021-06-22 Views: order
If the surface of the mask is dirty, harmful molecules will enter our lungs along with the breath when wearing the mask, causing adverse effects on the body. Next, the Standard Group will answer in detail for you.
    If the surface of the mask is damaged, its protective effect on bacteria, droplets, PM2.5, etc. will drop sharply or even fail to protect it.
    If the position and size of the nose bridge and ear straps are asymmetrical, the uncomfortable experience when we wear them is the most direct experience. What is more important is that the mask cannot completely cover the face and protect the face.
    What are the reasons for these disqualifications?
    1. The production environment is not standardized and not up to standard;
    2. The production process is not standardized in the small workshop mode;
    3. Manual detection factors;
    4. Raw material factors.
    Manual detection factors:
    1. High cost: masks produced by one machine need 2~3 employees to test;
    2. The detection speed is slow;
    3. Low detection efficiency: Attention cannot always be kept focused, which leads to a gradual increase in the rate of misjudgment.
    4. Once there is a personnel change, the initial effect may account for about 65% of the original work efficiency.

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